Michael Kuby (pronounced Q-B)

Hometown: Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Currently: At home

(780) 984 5829

Artist Bio:

A photo-based visual artist, Michael Kuby was born and has lived almost all 29 years of his life in Edmonton, Alberta. While meandering through a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, he simultaneously dedicated his early twenties to learning the craft of shooting, developing, and scanning photographic film. Soon after the program’s completion, and in pursuit of perfection over a hybrid-based photographic process, he enrolled in the two year diploma program at SPAO (School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa), where he was exposed to a dynamic and well-rounded approach to the photograph as both art, object, and experience. Having now fully mastered the ability to develop black and white, as well as colour (c-41 process) films, for both 35mm and 120mm (medium) format, he feels liberated to now fully focus on the application of his craft. Much of his work up until now has revolved around documenting his own coming of age, portraiture, and more recently fashion photography, though he looks to soon embark on social survey work that will highlight people’s perceptions on queried aspects of life throughout a range of age groups. Adept at using a variety of cameras, most of his current work is shot with either a hasselblad 500cm, mamiya RZ67proii, Leica m6, or Nikon F2. For digital work he shoots with a Nikon D810. Currently still enrolled at SPAO, though completing the program remotely from Edmonton, he looks to graduate in the spring of 2018.  Michael’s ever-expanding knowledge of photography, interest in academic studies, and pursuit of honest, authentic imagery has carried into his commercial practice, which he now balances with his personal work. He admires how they inform one another, and appreciates the dialogue between the two.


Callingwood Skate Plaza Art Project – $15 000 award

Latitude 53 Melting Hearts photographic performance, 2017

Best Portfolio – School of the Photographic Arts 2016

Competition wall award – School of the Photographic Arts 2016


Avenue Magazine

Findrangers issue 14

Papirmass art publication

En-vie Fashion Magazine

Kodd Magazine

Stolen Ground publication

Fuzz Magazine

Albahaca Magazine

The Yards Magazine

Legacy in Action Magazine

RU.BE – Little Things (Jengi Beats Remix) cover image

The Home Project


Feature artist of The Photo Show exhibition at Transient, 2017

ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival group show, Arta Gallery, 2016

School of the Photographic Arts, Student Exhibition, 2016

“To Be Young” Solo Exhibition at SPACE, 2015

SIlent Night 3 Art Exhibition group show, 2014

Silent Night 2 Art Exhibition group show, 2013

Silent Night Art Exhibition group show, 2012

Branch Global Event: CHAMP Visual Artists, 2010

Edmonton Common Ground Arts Society group exhibition, 2010


School of the Photographic Arts (2016 – present), Ottawa ON.

Bachelor of Commerce Degree, MacEwan University (2016), Edmonton AB.